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We connect the disciplines of contemporary neuroscience and psychological theories with the engineering science of information technology systems.





Our findings

We would like to offer you all of our work online for free.

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Our projects are the heart of our research. We develop concepts and software for pressing problems in the world of tomorrow. 


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Our research and thoughts during our developmental processes condensed into articles. 



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We are a Think Tank

Our goal is to develop new, interesting concepts for tomorrows intelligent world.

As a Think-Tank, we are a non-profit research institute. We want to contribute to the concepts of the future and therefore like to share our knowledge. We are not interested in financal or personal gain. Our results are published in our project archive and in our developer blog.

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Selected Works

With honor we would like to present to you a selection of our projects.

BPM against organized IT crime

How to handle IT crime as conceptional security breach within business processes.

Building a Fraud DB for Affiliate Industry

Framsteg expertise against IT fraud in the affiliate industry.

Creating proper graphs

Optimizing the visual impression of your graphs will dramatically improve your audience's interest in your message

Task Manager Method

This method gives an overview on planned workload on all your operatives and contributes to a dynamic and disburdening task division.

Things We Like

We trust in the power of the cool stuff.

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