СНПЧ А7 Пенза, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Our visionary heads

We are a team of young visionaries. Our motivation is to develop new, interesting concepts for tomorrows intelligent world.


Tristan Poetzsch

Head of Development

lives in Frankfurt, Germany
2012-2015 Psychology B.Sc.
2015-2017 Psychology M.Sc.
2018-2021 Psychology PhD.
Freelancing Consultant on Visual Analytics
Management Consultant on Business Analytics



Jani Podlesny

Head of Engineering

lives in New York City, USA
2012-2015 IT-Systems Engineering B.Sc. (HPI)
2015-2017 IT-Systems Engineering M.Sc. (HPI)
2019-2020 Computer Science PhD.
Solution & Data Architecture Engagement across Industries
Freelancing IT-Systems Engineer for StartUps
Management Consultant on Data Architecture & Analytics